El Misti Experience Volunteers

Hi, I'm Santiago, El Misti's Android.

Warm welcome to Brazil's most innovative and tech savvy Hostel. And yes, our mother tongue is Portuguese, but as a volunteer in the nation's most traditional hostel, you are required to rock with your English skills.

So you a traveller looking to develop professional skills in exchange for food and accommodation? Would you like to help support and build the El Misti brand, whilst connecting with like-minded travellers in the beautiful city of Rio?

Here at El Misti, we have many exciting opportunities for enthusiastic and passionate travellers to build skills in a vast range of roles - from cooking to social media manager to graphic designer – all whilst living the dream in one of the most exotic destinations in the world! There are opportunities for everyone.

We are proud of being the number one hostel for travellers in Rio, however, El Misti’s goal is to be much more than this. We want to be known as the best experience provider in Rio. There are few places in the world where you can put your skills to the test, be walking distance to the beach and interact with incredible people every day… this is exactly what life is like at El Misti!

We have up to 24 dedicated volunteers at any one time working in the hostel throughout the year, so rest assured that you will never be alone!

Our volunteers work between 25-30h per week and in return receive a bed, breakfast, 1-2 days off and free entry to 3 parties a week

We will in be in touch soon